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West Chester Baseball Complex Rainout Info is available for league games by texting (513) 405-0040.  If you are scheduled to play in a tournament at WCBC all rainout information will be communicated by the tournament host/director.

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Park Rules

The West Chester Baseball Partnership (WCBP) is committed to providing a safe and family-friendly environment. Any actions, activities, or attitudes that are inconsistent with these goals will not be tolerated. Please take a moment to read through the following general park rules:

  • Parking is at each individual’s own risk. WCBP is not liable for any damage or theft as a result of a vehicle parked in the parking lot.

  • Spectators are not allowed to watch games from outside the outfield fence.   It is a distraction to the players.

  • A gate fee of $7/day is required for anyone 12 years old or older entering the facility during tournament play.  This gate fee is consistent with other similar baseball complexes in the area.

  • Entry into the facility is at each individuals own risk.  For your safety, be on guard for balls which leave the field of play.

  • No outside food or drinks are permitted in the complex.

  • No coolers are allowed in the complex.  The lone exception is for a cooler or other container which holds water or other drinks for the use of players during a game.  All coolers or other containers brought into First Watch Fields must be kept in the team’s dugout at all times and must be removed from First Watch Fields after the game.

  • No unattended children are allowed in the complex.

  • Skateboards, bicycles, scooters, roller blades or roller skates are not allowed in the complex.

  • No pets are allowed in the facility. Service animals, such as seeing-eye dogs, are the only exception to this rule.

  • Firearms or any weapons are strictly prohibited.

  • No alcohol, tobacco or drugs are allowed.

  • Abusive or vulgar language is not allowed.

  • No artificial noisemakers or air horns.

  • No individual or team is allowed to do any warm-ups on any fields that are not in use.

  • Fields will be prepared for play and maintained between games by the First Watch Fields Grounds Crew as the Grounds Crew deems necessary.  No one other than Grounds Crew staff may perform field maintenance activities.

  • For field safety, all coaches, equipment (e.g buckets), and players are expected to be in the dugout during games.

  • Teams may warm-up in the outfield only.

    • Coaches may hit fly balls or ground balls in the outfield

    • Teams may bring a portable net to hit baseballs into or hit wiffle balls in the outfield ONLY if players are standing on the warning track when they swing.  Soft-toss of baseballs or waffle balls into the fence or netting is strictly prohibited.

  • No warm-up activities are allowed on the infield.

  • Pitchers may warm-up in designated bullpen areas only.

Anyone not abiding by these Park Rules will be asked to leave.