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Requesting Schedule Changes

This website page provides the steps a coach needs to take to reschedule a game at First Watch Fields @ Kemba Baseball Complex.

Requesting Schedule Changes

  • Teams may only request to re-schedule a game which is cancelled due to weather related reasons (wind/hail/rain/etc.) if  that game has been cancelled by WCBP. We will work with coaches to the best of our ability based om availability.

  • When rescheduling the team must first review the posted WCBC Master Schedule and identify open dates/times on the appropriate fields.  Then, email the Scheduling Coordinator to request the change and include the following:

  •       Team Name

  •       Date/Time/Field that was cancelled 

  •       Date/Time/Field that you are requesting.

A confirmation back from the WCBP Scheduling Coordinator is required and will indicate you have received the requested open date and game time.

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WCBC Scheduling Coordinator:

Rob Hall

(513) 405-0040

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